Attention, Memory, and More




Working memory is an executive function skill that is now considered more important for academic success than IQ. Attention and working memory are very closely connected – after all, it’s difficult to recall and use information that we haven’t paid attention to!

Problem solving in day-to-day life relies heavily on being able to appropriately pay attention and shift attention, prioritize  and sequence actions, organize self and materials effectively.

Current and emerging research tells us that these skills can be developed with sufficient intensity of practice over time – the trick with children is making that practice fun and interesting enough to keep them engaged!

Attention, Memory & More works on this “trifecta” of executive function skills, incorporating sensory and motor systems that current research is indicating increases working memory and attention, and by association, problem solving skills. The program does this using games and activities that are fun, interesting, and of enough variety to maintain engagement over a period of time.

The process is simple:

Attention Memory & More is ideal for children who:

  • are distractible;
  • are still learning how to concentrate on reading and writing;
  • struggle to follow multistep directions
  • need frequent reminders to get organized
  • become frustrated with academic tasks;
  • have trouble solving problems effectively or independently.
  • have a diagnosed working memory problem but not yet ready for intensive working memory training


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