Reading Skills – Dressing Up


Blending Sounds

One of the first things Lisa does for reading skills is making sure that children can blend sounds. Today’s game is one you can play while you are dressing for the day or as a fun dress up activity.

Set Up & Game Play

Gather up a heap of clothes for dress-ups – “How crazy can you look today?” They have to wait for you to say what to put on. You say “Can you find a “C—OA—T” sounding out the each of the sounds (not the letters) slowly.

For children for whom this is too hard, just break off the first sound – “C—OAT”.

For more advanced children find a piece of clothing that starts with “C” (sound not letter) or even more advanced – find a piece of clothing with the sound “OA” in it!


  1. Write the words on cards, and have them peg them on the clothes somewhere.
  2. You can either do this as an imaginative play activity or during dressing for the day.


Also Works On: Visual perception, listening (auditory discrimination); pre-reading; early reading; bilateral co-ordination (brain bridging); metalinguistics; motor planning; problem solving (imaginative play)

Activity Materials


You Will Need...

  • A heap of clothes for dress-ups