How What When Where Who?


Good Questions!

Asking a complete question (as opposed to the single, but repetitive word, “Why? Why? Why?”) is a tricky thing for children to learn how to do for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the word order is a little different compared to saying a sentence that is a statement. Hence some children ask, “How you make that?” – they just add the question word in front of a sentence.

Secondly, you need to be clear in your mind exactly what it is that you need to know – this takes some problem solving, anticipation and recognition of the other person’s situation. So here is a game to practise asking clear, correct questions.


Set Up & Game Play

Print out the question cue cards provided. Make an object or animal out of a family favourite such as Lego, Meccano, blocks or play dough. Your child has to ask at least 4 questions about it before they are allowed to have a guess at what it is that you’ve made. For example, they might ask:

  • How do you use it? How big is it in real life?
  • What does it cost? What noise does it make?
  • When do you need to use it?
  • Where do you keep it? Where can I find one?
  • Why is it blue/green/yellow?
  • Who has one?

You can take turns with your child so that you can give examples of the kinds of questions to ask.


  1. If your child has trouble saying all the words in the correct order, place plain cards of different colours on the table and place your hand on each card as you say a word. This visual and tactile cue can really help some children get their words out.
  2. To make it easier, choose a category before you start – e.g. animals, something from the kitchen, furniture.
  3. Play outside – get them to collect a cue card from the other side of the yard, bring it to you and then ask the question (this can help active children stay with the game for longer).


Also Works On: Visual Skills, Fine Motor Skills (when they build the item), Memory Skills, Attention & Listening, Maths Skills (size & shape), Problem Solving.

Activity Materials


You Will Need...

  1. An object or animal made out of Lego, Meccano, blocks or play dough
  2. Optional: 4 pieces of different coloured card or paper