Catch The Train

Training Memory

Children love playing trains – it’s a tradition that has captivated several generations. This game takes advantage of the magic of train travel to practise memory skills – something all good train drivers need.

Set Up & Game Play

For this game you will need 3 cardboard boxes linked with string (the train carriages), with a loop of string out the front so your child can be the train’s engine and driver to pull the carriages along. You will also need some character toys and some items that need to be delivered. Set up some train stations around the house or yard and write signs them all – your child can help think up names (e.g. “Lounge Lizard Station”; “Toilet Stop”; “Dining Station”). Distribute the toys and delivery packages between carriages and at the train stations. Pretend to be the announcer (perhaps use a paper towel roll as your microphone) and give directions such as:

  • “The next stop will be Lounge Lizard Station. All teddy bears must leave the train and dolls must hop on the train.”
  • “This train will run express to Dining Station. Lego blocks and crayons must be delivered there.”

They need to complete the change overs quickly before next train comes!


  1. To increase the memory load, announce 2 stations at a time.
  2. Use this activity for your child to do something that encourages them to organise themselves – e.g. collect everything they need to have a bath before they reach the Bathroom Station; collect everything they need to pack their bag for school/kindy before they reach the Garage Station.
  3. Your child can announce to the passengers all of the stations that they will visit and then take them there in that order.
  4. Consider varying the way they pull the carriages – do they crawl, use a scooterboard, walk or use a tricycle?

Also Works On:

Problem Solving, Attention & Listening, Reading Skills, Speaking Skills, Visual Perception (judgement). Can be Strength & Endurance and Balance & Co-ordination as well depending on how far they go and how they pull the carriages.

Activity Materials


You Will Need...

  1. 3 cardboard boxes linked with string (the train carriages), with a loop of string in the front box
  2. Some character toys
  3. Some items that need to be delivered.
  4. Cardboard or paper (for signs)
  5. Marker/crayons to write or draw the signs
  6. Sticky tape or blue tack (optional) for placing the signs
  7. Paper towel roll