Focussed Booster Pack Options

Attention, Memory, and More
Engaging whole body-brain program with activities designed to help children improve attention & working memory in just 15 minutes 3-5 days per week.
Develop their attention & shut out distractions
Develop their ability to hold & use information in their minds
Increase confidence & independence for day to day problem solving
Talking Plus
Improve speech, language and some early literacy skills and confidence gradually with our engaging speech pathologist-designed program.
Wide selection of games & activities to keep your child's interest
Whole body-brain activities to build on children's strengths & interests
Professionally designed and supported
The Three R's Vol. 1
Engaging foundational learning skills program for children preparing for the start of formal schooling or who are struggling with and/or resisting early reading, writing and maths tasks.
Quick & easy and appealing for you and for your child
Downloadable materials supplied
Extra professional help available if you need it