Maths Skills – Numbers Up For Grabs

Quick Number Recognition

Learning to count, recognise numbers and put them in order are fundamental to maths skill development. Quick recognition, or “automaticity” of these skills is required for mastery.

This activity works not only recognition, but adds a speed component, especially when playing with others. It’s easy to do as long as you have something to write with and some paper. We’ve prepared some sheets to get you going – but they are bonus, and not absolutely necessary.

Be sure to watch the video for details on how to use them.

Set Up & Game Play

You’ll need number sheets cut up (different levels according to age & ability); a “bingo” type grid (supplied) to complete. A small container (a plastic cup will do). Some room to play!

Give each child a bingo grid of their own. Each player selects a colour of numbers that they are going to collect.

Put all the numbers in the cup. Shake &dump on a table (or throw around the room to bring in some movement).

Everyone races to collect their numbers (their correct colour) and complete their number grid.


  1. Try this with simple operations for the older child –we’ve supplied one with addition, where they have to find the answer to the sum.
  2. For younger children use the 1-5 grid non-competitively.
  3. Try hiding the numbers in rice for increased tactile discrimination.
  4. Scrunch up the numbers to give the in-hand muscles a work out as they unscrunch the paper.


Also Works On: Colour matching, visual discrimination, touch, fine motor skills, attention, frustration tolerance, working memory



Activity Materials


You Will Need...

  1. pencils
  2. paper
  3. bingo grid (download below)
  4. preferred number grids (choose from selection below)
Digits sheet/mepr-s3-link]
Counting 1 to 10 sheets/mepr-s3-link]
Simple Additions Sheet/mepr-s3-link]