Following Directions: Shopping Together

Making The Best Of A Family Chore

Grocery shopping with your children can be turned into a game, rather than a chore, by just introducing a little bit of activity.

Of course, this game will be a lot easier if you are shopping in an off-peak time slot, so pick your time and you will have an easy game that you can play when life is busy and you’re ‘on the run’.

It’s fun to play this game using stickers or a stamp and a piece of paper to record how many grocery items your child fins, but if you find yourself at the supermarket without any rewards or counters, you can still have fun with this activity.

Set Up & Play

Stop your trolley half-way down an aisle so that you can supervise in both directions.

Tell your child a list of items to find in that aisle and time them using your watch or phone.

Place a sticker or stamp on a piece of paper (their “docket”) for each correct item returned to the trolley.

Obviously you will have to select items that they can reach, or if you would prefer that they didn’t handle the products, they can just touch the shelves as they find each item, and then take you to the correct locations when they have found everything.


  1. Introduce some maths skills by comparing the prices of similar items on the shelves and scoring an extra sticker/stamp if you decide to buy the cheaper one.
  2. Take the opportunity to compare products and discuss why you are buying one product and not another (great for language and reasoning skills).
  3. Include modifying words (adjectives) in your directions – e.g. “the largest packet of pasta”, “the red bag of chips”.


Also Works On: Memory, Problem Solving and Reasoning, Organisational Skills, Attention & Listening, Visual Perception, Speaking Skills, Maths Skills, Reading Skills.


Activity Materials


You Will Need...

  1. Paper
  2. Stickers or self inking stamp