Strength & Endurance

Core Hip and Belly

Getting directly to the muscles we want to strengthen isn’t always easy – today’s game makes sure that the core muscles of the belly, back and hips work together in a focussed way.

This funny looking move also works on isolating the rotational movements required for mature walking and running, and the added task of carrying the plate without losing your cargo is helping to focus attention and maintain an upright posture while separately moving the hips.

Set Up & Game Play

Demonstrate the bottom shuffling movement to your child, as shown in our video.

Complete this move by sitting on he floor with legs out straight (no pulling yourself along the floor with your feet!). You can move only by shifting your weight back and forth to each bottom cheek, while at the same time moving the raised cheek forward and lowering. Have a couple of practices together in preparation for the race.

Next take the plate and the balloon, you will be carrying the plate with both hands, with the balloon on top and delivering it to the box. If you are racing your child, because your legs are longer, you will need to sit further back. Hands must be holding the plate all the way through the race.


  • Great as a party game, this could be played as a team game relay race.
  • Add distractors – players answer questions while they bottom shuffle such as, “Name 3 things in this room that are red.”, or “What rhymes with ____?”


Also Works On: Attention (sustained; split; visual, and with variation, auditory); Bilateral Integration(Brain Bridge Building); Body Awareness (Proprioception); Postural Control. With variations – Problem Solving; Memory; Comprehension; Working Memory.


Activity Materials

You Will Need...

  1. A balloon lightly blown up (about 8-10 cm in diameter) for each player
  2. A paper/plastic plate
  3. A.smooth surface clear of obstacles to race on.