Strength & Endurance: Commando Mission

 Basic Training For Young Learners

There’s a reason that commando crawling is in basic training for the armed forces – it is a great way to strengthen muscles, build endurance and work on co-ordination!

The postural muscles that extend the trunk and neck are important for stabilizing the body during reading and writing tasks, help to sustain seating and provide a stable basis to allow mastery of eye and mouth movements.

Games like this repeated a couple of times a weak will gradually strengthen those muscles.

Set Up & Game Play

You will need to set up dining room and or kitchen chairs in a pathway, you can also include crawling under comforters/quilts – then “arm” your children with nerf guns, straw and paper pellets or water pistols which they get to shoot from the floor while crawling.

Once set up this game tends to go on without you!


  1. Give “mission cards” to your children – they can have pictures, words or even lengthier instructions about their targets (or the toys they are going to rescue) – perhaps they have to capture an image of something in particular(f you trust them with a camera or your phone).
  2. If you have a scooterboard, it’s a great way to speed things up while working the same muscles (remember no standing on the board for safety’s sake!)

Also Works On: Vision (space perception); Body Awareness (proprioception); Balance & Co-ordination (motor planning, motor control); Touch; Vestibular (whole body movement) processing; Visual Motor Integration; Problem Solving and with variation, reading skills, working memory.


Activity Materials


You Will Need...

  1. Something to shoot with or throw,
  2. Targets such as soft toys, or skittles.

Make sure the kids are wearing long pants and long sleeves, as this can be hard on knees and elbows.