Following Directions: Mess Of A Day

Getting The Sequence Right

As we have discussed before, getting instructions in the right order is vital for success at school, at home and in the playground – one way to practise this is to focus on sequencing ideas and experiences in the correct order, just as this game allows your child to do.

Mess Of A Day

Ask your child to scramble some things they did that day for you to put in the right order. They’ll enjoy correcting you if you get things wrong (make sure you do!) and directing you where to put it. This is a great way to get more out of your child at the end of the day than than the usual “Nothing much.”

You may need the prompt to use the “My Day” visual  to be successful.


  • Write down the steps to a particular activity – get your child to order them as she thinks they should go, then you do them in that order (whether they are correct or not). If incorrect, you can prompt with questions or statements like “This feels funny” or “Oops – I need…”. or “Oh no, that doesn’t look safe! I wonder what we forgot to do first?!”. When they identify an error, go back to the beginning and help your child re-order based on the new information – you might be surprised how long they stick with this. Children love to direct adults!

Also Works On: Attention; Vision; Listening Skills: Problem Solving; Memory; Reading & Writing skills: Communication Skills; Frustration Tolerance


Activity Materials


You Will Need...

Optional cue card “My Day”- download below