Maths Skills: Shake It

Recognising Quantity

Developing the ability to quickly recognise quantity or numbers is an everyday skill that is built on sound visual spatial awareness. Today’s game playfully helps to develop this skill, working towards automatic recognition, rather than counting the dots on the die.

Set Up & Game Play

To play simply shake the dice, roll them, then add up the total, and write the number down.

Take an action card and perform it the number of times indicated by the dice.

Players get a point for adding up the dice correctly, a point for writing it correctly and another point for completing the correct number of actions. The game is over when someone reaches a score of 20.


  • Make the game easier using a grid filled with 1s and 2 s – have the player close their eyes and use their index finger to point to 2 numbers in a row – then add them up.


Also Works On: Reading Skills; Co-ordination & Balance; Problem Solving; Memory; Attention; Writing Skills


Activity Materials


You Will Need...

  1. 2 die
  2. A pencil and paper.