Speaking Skills: Vivid Vocab

Building Vocabulary With Categories

The ability to speak well is affected by how easily you can access the words you need right at the moment you need them.

We store words in our mind according to categories and subcategories, then we go to that spot to retrieve a word when we need to say something. For example, the word “submarine” might be stored in the category “Transport” and then in the subcategory “Water Craft”. We might store “pineapple” in the category “Food” and then in the subcategory “Fruit”.

Today’s game builds vocabulary by working with categories you choose.

Set Up & Play

Open the scrapbook so you have a double page to work on. With your child, find pictures that go together and start gluing them across the page.

You can use ANY categories that you come across – the possibilities are endless. E.g. kitchen, toys, purple, party, farm animals, winter clothes, furniture, sport, craft items, school, pets, playground, gardening, beach … Take your ideas from the pictures that you have available.

Use your scrapbook for bedtime reading and make sure that you talk ABOUT the items – what you use them for, what if feels/tastes like, where you find it, who would have one, why we need it.

The more information you tag to an item, the easier it is to retrieve that word when you need it. Keep adding to the scrapbook when you randomly find more pictures because going back through the scrapbook to find the correct page for a new picture is also a valuable activity for your child.


  1. Use the pictures to play Kim’s Memory game by covering a picture and guessing which picture is under the cover.
  2. Use the pictures to play a guessing game. Either give clues to the other player; or the guesser has to ask yes/no questions to determine which picture you have chosen.


Also Works On: Visual-Motor Integration, Visual Perception, Joint Movement Awareness (Proprioception), Hearing & Listening, Understanding Others, Memory.


Activity Materials


You Will Need...

  1. A scrapbook,
  2. Some magazines/junk mail to cut up,
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors.