Maths Skills: Number Seek

Easy Multi-Tasking

Today’s activity good game to play as you cook dinner to get the kids from underfoot, and develops and reinforces their foundational maths skills, while also building their visual processing and focussed attention skills. That’s multi-tasking for you!

Set Up & Play

No equipment is needed for this game.

Call out a number, then ask the children to find objects that represent that number from around the house e.g. a fork has 4 tines so that is 4; a rolling pin has 2 handles = 2; a chair has 4 legs – 4.

When they find them, the children must explain how the item they have found fits the rule.


If they have a hard time with seeing or thinking of something, then give 1 clue at a time.

Also Works On: Attention (both visual and listening); Vision (recall, perception); Auditory Discrimination; Memory; Problem Solving (including lateral thinking); Expressive Communication.


Activity Materials


You Will Need...

Not a thing!