Memory Skills: Personal Shopper

Remembering Sequences

Sequential memory is one of the key markers of sound working memory. Working memory is considered more important than IQ for academic success.

Building skill in this area therefore supports improved performance at school. But it also helps with maintaining conversations, following the rules of games – (especially that have just been made up!) Following directions at home and getting organized for play, in the mornings for school and for play also rely on good working memory.

Today’s game continues to build this skill.

Set Up & Game Play

Hide/ put the items away in plain sight while your child/children watch you. Then give them a shopping list numbered from 1 up. They get just 10 seconds to look at it, remember and go and collect them in the right order.

They receive play money for each item they get right.


  1. Add qualifiers to your items – colour, number etc. For example, the large book, 3 pens, a red hat.
  2. Draw pictures of the items if your child is not yet reading words.
  3. If your child is finding this easy, hide the items in the room when they are not looking so they need to retain the list order for a little longer. You may need to use fewer items.


Also Works On: Visual Perception, Visual Movements, Attention & Listening, Expressive Language, Comprehension.



Activity Materials


You Will Need...

  1. 3-5 items/toys/books/objects that are different;
  2. A notepad and pen;
  3. A “shopping basket”;
  4. Play money (optional but it adds to the fun – kids love playing shops).