Improving Young Bodies & Minds

For An Easier Childhood

Some children need more help with practising & developing the fundamentals for learning & life.

Improve your child’s learning & developmental skills at your place with a Brain Boosters Pack.

Each one is loaded with professionally designed, fun, simple and powerful activities that will have your child practising skills, meeting goals & learning happily!

 Brain Booster Pack Options

Pick The One That’s Right For You


Engaging whole body-brain program with activities designed to help children learn how to:

  • develop their attention & shut out distractions
  • develop their ability to hold & use information in their minds
  • problem solve more effectively


Improve speech, language and some early literacy skills and confidence gradually with our speech pathologist-designed program.

You’ll receive a wide selection of games and activities to keep your child’s interest while developing their speech and language skills.


Prepare core skills for early schooling with 24 engaging games and activities that are designed to develop foundational reading, writing and maths skills. Teacher reviewed and approved.


Covers all the fundamentals of learning and development. It best suits children who need to improve strength, endurance, balance and co-ordination, as well as early learning and executive function skills. Ideal as a 9 month comprehensive preparation to start formal schooling for children of all abilities, it’s particularly helpful for those children who have Dyspraxia or Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Activities are designed so that  children are  practising the skills they need on several levels at the same time to make working towards their goals easier, less time consuming and more enjoyable.

“Usually my son will watch cartoons when we get home in the afternoons, but yesterday I spent 15 minutes getting him started on a Brain Boosters activity and to my surprise, he stayed with it for over an hour! I would never have thought to give him something like this to do each day. I think it’s great!”

– Cathy,  Toowoomba, Queensland

Ready To Go When & Where You Are…


Practise key learning and life skills with a variety of activities that you can do at home or on the go, focussed on one child or in pairs or small groups.

Brain Boosters Packs  suit children of all abilities but are particularly helpful for children who have problems with:

  • Attention
  • Distractibility
  • Following Directions
  • Sitting Still
  • Learning – in particular early reading, writing and maths skills
  • Problem Solving – particularly generating ideas for play
  • Communication
  • Comprehension
  • Co-ordination, both fine and gross motor
  • Avoidance of academic tasks
  • Coping with failure
  • School Readiness

“It was so easy! The resources were easy to access and use with all my children – and they were easy to adapt to our routine. The program was flexible and fun and the variety kept my son’s interest!!”

– Sylena, Brisbane Area, Queensland

Brain Boosters Packs Give You:

Video Demonstrations

Most activities come with video demonstrations or explanations.

We walk you through how to do each activity so you are clear about how to go about them.

Extra help is provided via our premium Quick Wins section.

After Hours Professional Support

We are experienced developmental clinicians, and during your time with us we are at your disposal.

Contact us with concerns or questions about your program at any time.

Flexible Fun Activities With Resources

All our Brain Boosters activities are easily adaptable.

Suggested grading and variations are included with each along with an analysis that lets you know all the benefits that it provides.

Activities are quick and simple to do.

Any paper based resources are provided for you to download.

“Thanks for these great activities. From a teacher’s perspective they are certainly beneficial to students prior to starting school and for students with learning difficulties.

Great job Lisa and Julia!”

– Jane Lang, Primary School Teacher, Texas, Queensland

Attention Memory & More


Talking Plus


The Three Rs

$59.95 AUD

ONE TIME PAYMENT for 24 specific skills development activities.

Ongoing access to premium content.

Hassle free 30 day money back guarantee

Yes, Let’s Pick Which One…


Comprehensive Brain Boosters Program Pack

$35 AUD per month

5 new powerful activities per week for up to 9 months.

Hassle free 30 day money back guarantee

Yes, Let’s Get Started…

A Little About Us

Hi we’re Julia and Lisa, otherwise known as “Lifespan Fundamentals“.

With a combined 60 years experience working as developmental professionals, we’re extremely passionate about child development, learning and the power of working with children in ways that truly motivate them.

We’re so passionate, that we’ve committed a great deal of the last 20+ years in development of this program, working closely with early childhood educators and parents along the way.

Lisa pic

Dr Lisa Hudson is a Speech & Language Pathologist in her own thriving private practice in Toowoomba, Queensland.

She works with children with a wide range of speech, language and literacy difficulties.

Lisa has a longstanding fondness for all things early childhood and as such as been closely involved child and family services in her local community for the last 20 years.

Julia Eggles is an Occupational Therapist who works in a large and busy private practice in Brisbane and in her spare time, enjoys working with Lisa via Skype continually improving and developing our programs and services.

Both activities allow her to creatively indulge her passion for helping children to overcome sensory, motor and executive function difficulties in their day-to-day lives with a playful and strengths based approach.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee


When you purchase  a Brain Boosters Pack, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the first 30 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund with no questions asked and without any fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Let’s see if you can find what you need to know here…

How do the Booster Packs work?

Each pack is based on the following underlying concepts:

  1. To achieve improvement in any area, children must practise those skills with enough intensity and frequency.
  2. Building on the strengths and interests of the child will increase the likelihood that they will repeat the activities that are developing their skills, to achieve the frequency of practise that they need.
  3. Generalizing learning is important to ensure that a child is able to perform in the required ways in all areas that they need or want to.
  4. To generalize learning, it’s necessary to practise skills in a variety of different ways, in a variety of different settings and with different tools.
  5. Activities must be flexible enough to be adapted to any child’s abilities.
  6. As children with learning or developmental challenges often have brothers and sisters, it is important to be able to include them wherever possible to increase the ease of use for you as a parent and to increase the chances that your children will naturally return to favourite activities together independently, thus reducing the “work” of to get to your goals.
  7. Programs are easier to follow when there is little need for special equipment

We believe for best results that it is important to work in three ways at the same time.

Improve capacity by addressing underlying sensory and motor skills, while supporting children with modified teaching strategies and environmental adjustments, and finally skills development and practice.

For these reasons, Brain Boosters Pack activities are specially designed to develop and practise multiple skills simultaneously in most cases.

In the Classic/Comprehensive Brain Boosters Pack, you receive access to 5 new activities every week, rotating every fortnight as described in the table below:


In our Focussed Booster Packs, you can select from 3 different types of programs which give you 24 specially designed activities to address specific skills sets. You can either follow our suggested sequence of 3 activities per week, or mix and match according to your needs. The choice is yours.

The programs are:

  • Attention, Memory & More – every week you receive one each of specific attention, memory and problem solving activities.
  • The Three R’s – foundational reading, writing and maths activities are provided founded incorporating movement and sensory experience to reinforce learning
  • Talking Plus – logically work through speech, listening and comprehension activities

Are the activities online for the kids?

No they aren’t. These are gamesa and activities that you download the directions and materials from and play offline with your children.

Some activities do require technology (smart phones/cameras) but are always secondary to the main aims of the games that involve them.

Which pack is best for my child?

Good question!

Over the last 18 months we have had dozens of clients through the early version of the program. With their feedback we have designed the packs to address specific issues:

  • Attention, Memory & More – children who are very distractible, have trouble following directions or have been diagnosed with attention or working memory difficulties benefit from the activities in this pack. They are a gentle introduction to developing working memory skills before starting more intensive training.
  • Talking Plus has been specifically designed for children participating in speech pathology, with activities that develop a range of speech and language skills including articulation, vocabulary, phonation, oral awareness and listening.
  • The Three R’s – this pack provides playful opportunities to develop foundational reading, writing and maths skills and is great for children who are resistant to engaging in homework activities with you.

The Classic Brain Boosters Pack has been a favourite of clients whose children have more significant delays or difficulties because it covers  the basics of development and learning. This 9 month program gives you 180 activities once completed. This makes it ideal for children who need a lot of support in varying their play, developing flexiblity of thinking and who struggle with planning and organization – such as those with dyspraxia and mild to moderate Autistic Spectrum Disorder, although children of all abilities enjoy the activities.

Why should I buy a Brain Boosters Pack? I think I could source this information for myself.

That’s a reasonable question. There are a number of reasons why….


1. Our  Packs are unusual because they’re truly multidisciplinary. Lisa is a Speech Pathologist and Julia is an Occupational Therapist. We combine ideas and strategies from both our professions to create more powerful activities. In addition, we have consulted with professional from the fields of teaching, psychology and physiotherapy in preparation of the programs.


Every game works on more than one learning or developmental skill.This means that if your child has strengths in some of these areas they are more likely to enjoy these activities – and therefore repeat them, thus gaining more benefit from those activities. 


Additionally, if your child has needs in more than one area, by having a multiple focus, you save time – making life a little easier! Most programs available online come from the perspective of only one discipline.


2. We provide strategies to make games easier or more difficult, allowing children of different ages to play together and still be challenged in the right way to enhance learning. This gives you the benefit of being able to save time and give attention to more than one child at a time.


3. To our knowledge, we have the largest library of videos ever prepared by developmental clinicians for this purpose. While you may find activities online little by little, it will take a lot of trial and error and time to gather sufficient games and activities to reach your goals.


For you to take the time to read or listen to the information, and to be sure that it’s doing what you need can be very time consuming. At times it can be confusing as you then you have the problem of putting it all together into a coherent program that actually applies it to your own situation!

It took us many years to do just that – years of clinical practice and development went into each program pack. It has been quite a slow and expensive process!

The result of all this development is that  you receive practical, proven, fun activities that are simple to understand and do that practise the skills you need to work on at home to help you to achieve your goals for your children.


Where did you learn the techniques you teach for achieving children’s maximum potential?

That’s a good question. As practising developmental clinicians with a special interest in children, over many years, we have studied vast amounts of research-based literature and attended numerous seminars on subjects relating to child development, health, wellbeing, parental thinking patterns, attitudes and mindset, etc. The information we are sharing with you is based on:

  • Experience – we  share our experience as clinicians and parents;
  • Scientific research – we introduce you to cutting-edge research into maximizing your child’s development in all domains;
  • Clinical observation – our work with those who have struggled with issues related to child development

What is the evidence that this program will work for me?

The Brain Boosters Packs have been designed using a variety of clinical approaches. They have not been specifically researched, but are backed by evidence from a variety of fields. We are in the process of developing an internal QA measure in order to be able to report perceived benefits of the program.


We strive to keep up to date with research and apply those findings to the activities we’ve designed, so that it reflects best practice in our fields and for early childhood education.


For your information, some of the key research that supports our approach can be found in the articles below:

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What if I don’t understand the packs myself?

This is a reasonable concern. However, the sessions are broken down into succinct and easy to follow steps.

We’ve worked closely with parents in the development of our program to make sure that the materials are readily understood, so the chances are excellent that you will understand each and every concept just fine.

If you do find yourself struggling with anything, just contact us and we will make sure you get it straight in your mind, so you move through to the next level.

Can I pause sessions and then resume?

It depends on your Pack.

If you purchase the Comprehensive Brain Boosters Pack then yes you can! You don’t even have to contact us to do it, you can manage this from your own profile. This can be very helpful since the Classic Pack  has monthly payments for 9 months.

The Focussed Brain Booster Packs are currently a one time payment and you receive all content at the time of purchase – so you can work through it in any way you choose and at your own pace.

How are my credit card details handled?

Payments are made through secure third party payment processors. We offer the choice of either Paypal or Stripe.

We don’t keep any of your credit card details in our system.

What is your policy about sharing emails?

We take our clients’ privacy very seriously. We don’t give your contact details to anyone, except where we are required to do so by law. Please review our privacy policy for more details.